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Insecticide – 1 Litre

Insecticidal Surface and Space Spray


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Insecticide – 1 Litre

Insecticidal Surface and Space Spray based on Cypermethrin for treating a range of insects including Fleas, Bed Bugs, Flies, Fleas, Ants, Beetles, Wasps, Moths and Cockroaches. This is a more environmentally friendly, ready to use, water based insecticide and is designed for home and professional use indoors on non porous surfaces and cracks and crevices near beds, hard and soft furnishings (not occupied wards), offices, industrial premises, museums, aircraft, ships and military installations.

Can also be used outdoors on ants and wasps nests.

Highly effective against all flying & crawling insects.





Shake well before use.

Space Treatment:  Apply 1 – 4 ml per cubic metre, as a fine mist.

Surface Spray:  Apply 20 ml of product per square metre, slightly wetting the surfaces to be protected.

Note: carpets should not be cleaned for 10-14 days after application.

Bio-Productions Insecticide is normally non-staining in domestic situatitons, but a test should be made first.


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