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Government State that Physical Activity is at the Heart of Pandemic Recovery

The government will place sport and physical activity ‘at the heart of pandemic recovery’

The pledge was made by new culture secretary Nadine Dorries

Dorries was speaking at the ukactive Conference in London this week

She added that it was also a time to “refresh” the government’s Sporting Future strategy

Nadine Dorries, the recently appointed secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport at the DCMS, has promised that the government will place sport and physical activity “at the heart of pandemic recovery”.

Speaking at the ukactive Conference at London’s Guildhall this week, Dorries said that the pandemic should be used as a trigger to get an entire generation physically active.

“If COVID-19 is teaching us anything, it’s the fundamental role that sport and exercise play in our lives,” Dorries said.

“It’s crucial for our general wellbeing – and it was a real wrench when parts of it were taken away from us for months at a time last year.

“That’s why we prioritised sport and physical activity throughout the pandemic. More than £1bn has gone into supporting the sector.

“That was during the height of the pandemic. Now comes the recovery – and we’ll be putting sport and physical activity at the heart of that, too.

“I want to use our experiences over the last eighteen months as the trigger for a new generation of physical activity and exercise.

“Improving the nation’s health and wellbeing is vital to reducing the pressure on the NHS, and being physically active is central to that.”

She added that it was also a time to “refresh” the government’s Sporting Future strategy, published in 2015.

Dorries said: “As we come out of this pandemic, now is a prime opportunity to refresh this strategy.

“Right now, officials in my department are looking at ways we can make sure it continues to be relevant in the coming years.

“We’re in the very early stages of this process, and of course our primary focus remains helping the sector recover from the pandemic. We understand the importance of this.

That recovery can mean many things – it might be tackling barriers that make it harder for people to stay active, or making sure sports remain financially sustainable, or promoting the uptake of facilities in schools and beyond.

“But throughout the whole process, we will constantly be looking for opportunities to work with the sector to level up facilities, infrastructure and the support we provide.”


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Why chlorine? Why Hygiene4Less?

Prosan Chlorination Tablets 1.7g Nadcc Tablets packed 200 per pot in cases of 6 pots. 1,000 parts per million available chlorine per litre of water.

When you think of chlorine, you probably think about swimming pools, but chlorine is also widely used to disinfect drinking water, as well as surfaces in kitchens, hospitals and in schools, where disease-causing microbes lurk.

80% of all diseases worldwide are water-borne, so with Chlorine killing harmful bacteria and pathogens, the risk of transmission of sickness and disease reduces significantly. Chlorine is vital to ensure clean water supply in our homes and workplaces, but at Hygiene4Less, we are also proud to supply our extensive client base in the humanitarian sector with a range of chlorine products that enable communities impacted by natural disasters and/or health emergencies to have quick access to clean and safe drinking water.

Chlorine is such an important disinfectant worldwide but did you know it is used in the production of so many things, such as solvents, textiles, antiseptics, dyes, paints and even medicines.

Even our own bodies use chlorine (naturally produced – not to be eaten or drunk as suggested by an unnamed US celebrity/politician!), killing off bacteria and limiting infections through the use of white blood cells which release a high concentration of effectively chlorine bleach into our bodies to keep us healthy.

Put simply, chlorine is a ‘super’ product that can meet the needs of multiple industries.

As the safe alternative to Liquid Bleach, why not try our Hygiene4less Prosan Chlorine Tablets, manufactured in our factory here in the UK. They are made with Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is a chlorine chemical widely used as a cleansing and disinfectant agent. It is colourless and water-soluble.

We’d love to hear from you.


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Welcome to our Blog…

We will be adding latest news and updates on our products here… check back soon.

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