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P-Wave delivers Vital Health Message from the Urinal

P-Wave's partnership with NHS for cancer awareness messaging

P-Wave are partnering with the NHS for Cancer Awareness Messaging

Hygiene4less are pleased to announce our support for P-Wave’s recent partnership with the NHS in raising awareness about Bladder Cancer.

By incorporating an essential health message into their fragranced Slant6 and Trough Urinal Screens, P-Wave is taking a brilliantly proactive approach to encourage body awareness among individuals.

The inclusion of “Blood in your pee? Contact your GP practice” on their products is a forward-thinking initiative by P-Wave. This collaboration with NHS England allows the important message to reach a captive audience whilst at the urinal.

P-Wave’s partnership with NHS England will continue throughout 2024, ensuring that this, potentially, life-saving message reaches a wide audience and contributes to improved health outcomes.

Bladder cancer remains a significant concern with over ten thousand men in the UK being diagnosed each year. Recognising that blood in urine is one of the most common signs, it is imperative that individuals remain vigilant about their health and seek medical advice if they notice any concerning symptoms.

Hygiene4Less are proud stockists of the P-Wave and NHS Slant 6 Urinal Screens in various fragrances that include the vital message to help spread awareness. Click the below link to view our listings:


For more information on P-Wave’s partnership with the NHS:

Click to download the NHS x P-Wave Slant6 Tech Sheet 2024

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Why Clean the Eco Friendly Way?

Why Clean the Eco Friendly Way?

In recent years as more businesses, organisations and households seek ways to reduce their environmental impact, using Eco Friendly products is a logical way to help in this endeavour.

Eco Friendly Cleaning (often referred to as Green Cleaning) usually involves products that are derived from either natural materials, plant based ingredients and/or are quickly biodegradable. Other options are products that use Eco friendly ways of packaging and waste disposal.

Other Eco Friendly cleaning methods target systems or cleaning practises that use less energy or less frequency or produce less overall waste.

Eco friendly cleaning has many attractive features:

  • More environmentally friendly

    Choosing products with Eco friendly ingredients is often the most obvious route to “Green” cleaning that people choose. Eco friendly ingredients can be natural or plant-based ingredients but often overlooked are products that are “enzyme” based.  These usually mean the cleaning action needs to be done at quite periods and contact times for the cleaner to work are longer as these “Live” type ingredients needs to activate over prolonged periods – they are not a quick spray and wipe type application.
    • Advancements in the development of high-quality eco-friendly cleaning products
      are now available that are free from more toxic type chemicals and pollutants and have less   impact on sensitive environmental discharge.
    • Green cleaning particles can help reduce water and energy consumption and the overall     amount of waste produced as they often require no rinsing.
  • It can improve indoor air quality

    Poor indoor air quality can lead to some health problems such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and respiratory problems.

    • Green cleaning can help by reducing the amount of dust, pollen and other allergens in the air.
    • Generally, Eco friendly products release fewer harmful and allergen inducing pollutants in the air.
  • It reduces exposure to harmful chemicals

    Many traditional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia and other volatile organic components which can cause health problems.

    • Green cleaning products have far fewer harmful chemicals which can cause skin irritations & allergic reactions.
  • How to switch to Eco-friendly cleaning products

Start slowly, you don’t need to switch all of your cleaning products at once.  Begin by swapping one or two products, understand how best to use them and gradually add more as green cleaning becomes your cleaning method of choice.

Remember that Eco friendly cleaning is different from sanitising or disinfecting where traditional highly active biocides are necessary to kill bacteria.

Educate your employees about green cleaning by making sure everyone understand the benefits and how to use eco-friendly products properly.  By supporting companies that prioritise sustainability, we encourage others to promote a greener and cleaner world.

Finally, lots of companies sell Eco friendly “Green” Cleaning products – the most important thing is to make sure that the claims made for the products you purchase are backed up by credible documentation.  Products supplied by Hygiene4less are proven environmentally friendly and have excellent “Green” credentials.

To see our range, Click here:

Download the blog here:  Why Clean the Eco Friendly Way

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Why Chlorine? Why Hygiene4Less?

Effervescent Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets available in Tubs and Recyclable Pouches

When you think of chlorine, you probably think about swimming pools, but chlorine is also widely used to disinfect drinking water, as well as surfaces in kitchens, hospitals and in schools, where disease-causing microbes lurk.

80% of all diseases worldwide are water-borne, so with Chlorine killing harmful bacteria and pathogens, the risk of transmission of sickness and disease reduces significantly. Chlorine is vital to ensure clean water supply in our homes and workplaces, but at Hygiene4Less, we are also proud to supply our extensive client base in the humanitarian sector with a range of chlorine products that enable communities impacted by natural disasters and/or health emergencies to have quick access to clean and safe drinking water.

Chlorine is such an important disinfectant worldwide but did you know it is used in the production of so many things, such as solvents, textiles, antiseptics, dyes, paints and even medicines.

Even our own bodies use chlorine (naturally produced – not to be eaten or drunk as suggested by an unnamed US celebrity/politician!), killing off bacteria and limiting infections through the use of white blood cells which release a high concentration of effectively chlorine bleach into our bodies to keep us healthy.

Put simply, chlorine is a ‘super’ product that can meet the needs of multiple industries.

As the safe alternative to Liquid Bleach, why not try our Hygiene4less Prosan Chlorine Tablets, manufactured in our factory here in the UK. They are made with Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is a chlorine chemical widely used as a cleansing and disinfectant agent. It is colourless and water-soluble.

We’d love to hear from you.

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Welcome to our Blog…

We will be adding latest news and updates on our products here… check back soon.

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Automotive Industry De-icer

With premium car brands, its important that the cars arrive in the showroom in great condition.  The dealer wants to do a minimal amount of work before the car goes into the showroom.   That can be tricky on long journeys such as when exporting.  The situation is exacerbated by extended time on a transporter or container on a ship.   Cars are usually wrapped in film for outward protection but the underneath of the cars is often exposed to environmental effects for prolonged periods.  In winter especially, one of the difficult areas to address with corrosion is the visible signs on suspension and disk brakes.  To minimise this problem, Jaguar Cars trialled Ice Melt XM automotive industry de-icer.  Ice Melt XM automotive industry de-icer granules are used to de-ice the roads between the factory and rail head for Export Cars thereby reducing visible signs of corrosion.


Ice Melt XM is a salt free non-corrosive de-icer granule which is used to prevent ice forming in the first instance or for clearing ice that has already formed.  Easy to spread, long lasting and resists re-freezing.  Problem solved !   We carry extensive stock of Ice Melt XM automotive industry de-icer from October/November onwards for the season.  Lead times on bulk are usually 2-3 days delivery. Conveniently packed in 25 Kg sack – 40 per pallet (1 tonne).  We also provide 30L storage containers for when the sacks have been opened MORE INFO OR BUY NOW !

Its not just the automotive industry that has issues with corrosion from use Salt based products.  We’re increasingly finding that any Facility that has concourses with aluminium entrance doors, terrazzo flooring or where new REBAR concrete has been laid, can all benefit from using Ice Melt XM – Helping protect your assets

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