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Alcohol Hand Gel Offer

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Formulated with a dual action QAC biguanide biocide.
Effective against all food poisoning bacteria, MRSA & C Difficile.

Refills – reduce packaging

Simply cut off top of bag and tip into bucket or wipe refill bag and place directly into bucket. Less packaging &waste, easily compacts to reduce disposal costs. Fits PN112 Bucket

This is a professional strength product – handle with care
& always read the label.

Technical Data

We believe that you cannot buy a better more effective food processing & catering use disinfectant wet wipe anywhere…

Did you know? A dishcloth contains 1 million times more bacteria than a toilet seat! – use a wet wipe & be sure the task is done properly, first time & protect yourself, your staff & customers. Wipes are inexpensive, easy to use, require little training & give effective results every time because each wipe is correctly loaded with the precise amount of sanitizing agent. We have wipes for every use from temperature probes to large scale food production areas….. all tested against food poisoning bacteria, MRSA, C difficile and H1N1a swine flu virus.

What you need to know about Maclin disinfectant wet wipes…….

Disinfectant Wet Wipes can form an integral part of your due diligence system. They are HACCP friendly and convenient for the operator therefore saving money in labour costs spent mixing, dosing or dispensing chemicals.

Food and Catering Wet Wipes overcome two major issues where chemical usage is concerned in a food environment where there is a risk of cross contamination:

1. Operator error resulting in over-dosing or more seriously, under dosing.

2. Poor hygiene and the use of dirty cleaning cloths and contaminated disinfectant solutions.

Both pose serious health and financial risks.

Impregnated wet wipes are the only positive way to safely and effectively clean and disinfect surfaces where spillages have occurred in a clean as you go environment. Wet wipes cut out operator error in mixing solutions and offer the control of a pre-measured system.

A carefully researched cleaning and disinfect wipe system with a synergistic dual action broad spectrum disinfectant system and a built in preservative system offering up to 2 years shelf life

Compatibility of all of the components: A proven wiping system of the correct grade and weight of non-woven for the task, adequate loading of disinfectant to cope with a range of tasks and soiling. A choice of non woven that offers excellent strength and absorbency characteristics

Typical "Clean as you go" tasks:
Receipt of food Thermometers, Temperature probes, Operators hands
In storage Cleaning Fridge, chiller interiors, Operators hands
Preparation areas Work surfaces, cutting boards, blades and knives, Slicers, Operators hands
Salad Bars Sneeze screens, serving utensils, work surfaces
Kitchen Work surfaces, Knives, Trays, Microwave interiors, Hands
Serving Areas Table tops, serving utensils, coffee machines, PC Screens, Card machines, till touch screens, door plates etc

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Biocidal Activity:
Maclin wet wipes achieve a >5 log reduction in Total Plates Count post wiping on both Formica and Stainless Steel surfaces against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

In rigorous tests to demonstrate a high level of bactericidal activity, in-use active dilutions of less than those found in the product, proved effective against Gran +ve and Gram -ve bacteria.

Further tests to EN1276 demonstrated the active ingredients ability to resist bacterial grow back showed the product to be resistant to even usually disinfectant resistant species such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

All products available both Branded and Own-Label.


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