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Body Fluid Spill Kit

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Body Fluid Spill Kit OFFER 

Complete Spillage Kit for cleaning up at least 50 spills and ideal for use in Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes, etc. allowing staff to safely handle spillages of body fluids and thereby minimise and control the risks of cross contamination, slippages and damage to property.

The kit includes: Super Absorbent Clean-up Powder, Scoops and Scrapers, Sanitising Hand Gel, Aprons, Gloves, Disposable Bags, Odour Eliminator and Virus Wipes.





Body Fluid Spillage Clean-up Procedure (Non-infectious)


Handling body fluid spills requires care and attention. The following guidelines allow safe handling and disposal and assist complying with ‘due diligence’ and HACCP issues.


To allow staff to safely handle spillages of body fluids, to minimise and control the risks of cross contamination, slippages and damage to property and to minimise the risk to staff and children before, during and after clearance of the spillage.

Initial Response to a Spill:

Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Care Homes etc. should have a spillage kit and paper towels readily available and accessible to all staff.

The following procedure for clearing up body fluid spills should be undertaking by a member of staff: ensure everyone is moved away from the area and if possible safeguard the area using a member of staff or with cones or chairs or anything appropriate.

Ensure staff are debriefed on how to handle a spillage and make sure that copy handling section is placed with the spillage products.

The person clearing up the spill should then: fistly liberally cover the spill with the Hygiene4less (bleach free) super absorbent powder which will quickly contain the spill. Leave for at least 2 minutes before attempting to clean-up.  The powder is safe to use on carpets, flotex, vinyls, altro flooring, wood etc.  Because Hygiene4less powder is bleach free there is no need to ventilate the area if the spill is urine.

Before continuing apply gloves and an apron.  Using the scoop and scraper provided, scoop up the spill and place in the disposable sacks provided.  Place the scoop and scraper in the bag.  Use wipes to disinfect the surrounding area and place in disposable sack. Next, carefully remove gloves and place in the disposable sack.  Tie sack carefully.

Now wash your hands.

N.B. Consult your organisation’s policy on disposal of non-infectious body fluids.  If the waste is considered to be infectious, use Clinical waste bags and consult your organisation’s policy.

Spillage of Diarrhoea (not for use on carpets)

For cases of diarrhoea follow the above procedure but also then disinfect the contaminated area with freshly made 1,000 parts per million chlorine tablet hypochlorite solution, using Hygiene4less chlorine tablets (PN501). 1 tablet per 1 litre of warm water.  Wash down area thoroughly, use disposable paper towels.  If on carpet, they should be steam cleaned.


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