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Citra Clean Natural Solvent Degreaser – 5 Litres

Citra Clean Natural Orange Degreaser & Cleaner


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Citra Clean Degreaser – 5 Litres

Citra Clean Natural Solvent Degreaser is so safe and easy to use.

Catering use:
Use undiluted for lifting grease and carbon deposits.  Ideal for use on  grills, griddles, barbecues, ducting and extraction filter equipment.

Industrial use:
Removes grease, grime and oil from machinery and vehicles as well as oil and diesel spillages from driveways and concrete.

Other Typical uses:
Removal of Tar, Ink, Polish, Grease, Oil, Wax & Adhesives from hard surfaces including: glass, formica, ceramics, terrazzo, most metals, plastics, GRP & canvas.

Carpet cleaning or pre-spotter.
Chewing gum remover.
Pre laundry spotter for the removal of oil & grease.

√  Low foaming
√  Biodegradable
√  Highly dilutable 1:200
√  Easily rinsed
√  Versatile




Please click on link below to download Safety Data Sheet

DS090 Citra Clean Concentrate PN535


Apply by brush, wipe, spray or by dip method.

Light everyday cleaning:
Dilute up to 200:1 with hot or cold water.

Steam cleaning:
Dilute from 15:1 up to 751 depending on soiling.

General cleaning:
Dilute up to 40:1

Ink, grease and oil:
Dilute up to 20:1

Floor polish and adhesives:
Dilute up to 10:1.  Use neat if aged.

Carpet cleaning & pre-spotting:
Bonnet buffing, Rotary & Pre-spray: dilute 20:1 – 50:1.
Machine cleaning: dilute 5:1 – 10:1
By hand – Pre spotting.

Dip tanks:  Use neat or dilute up to 20:1

Please Note: Prolonged immersion may show some attack on certain sensitive aluminium alloys. Test before using on aluminium.





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