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Concentrated Descaler 1L – Suitable for Hot & Cold Water

Phosphoric Acid for Rapid Descaling.  Contains scale inhibitors and surfactants for lifting off the scale

£4.69 ex. Vat | £4.69 inc. Vat.



Concentrated Descaler – 1 Litre (28% Phosphoric Acid)

√ Fast Action
√ Inhibits scale reforming
√ Vending
√ Catering
√ Washrooms
√ Industrial

Contains Concentrated Phosphoric acid (28%) combined with Surfactants to quickly remove scale build up. Where practical and safe, use Very Hot Water (not boiling). In food areas, rinse well after use. This product is strong – handle with care & always read the label

Use for Descaling washing machines, irons, kettles, taps, toilets, vending machine, beverage machines, coffee machines etc..

This is a professional strength product – handle with care & always read the label.

TOP TIP: Water must be Very Hot – DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL.  Do not leave unattended in a kettle that has been switched on.


See Label for instructions.   Do not use boiling water.


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