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Salad Wash Tablets – 6 Tub Special Offer

  • Suitable for Non-Peelable Fruit, Salad & Vegetables
  • The Safe, Cost Effective Alternative to Milton Liquid
£35.99 ex. Vat | £35.99 inc. Vat



Prepsaf Salad Wash Tablets – for preparing Ready To Use Salad in Catering & Sandwich Making

The safe alternative to Milton liquid – Salt Free, Low Taint, No Additives, more accurate for Due Diligence

Prepsaf Tablets contain the active ingredient, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (troclosene sodium).  This dissolves in water to provide a free available chlorine solution that is both easy to dose and fast to work.

In tests, Prepsaf Salad Wash solutions have produced commercially sterile results on Cucumber, Tomato & Lettuce.

The tablets release a stable and accurate solution of free available chlorine – perfect for due diligence.

We recommend that the preparation sinks or tanks,  that the residual water is tested using a Chlorine Test Kit (PN552) before introducing more salad for washing as the solution can be depleted by organic load of the produce and soil etc.  It is possible to top up the chlorine level 2-3 times or until the water is visibly contaminated.

Always mix up a fresh solution every 24 hours, each shift or when visibly contaminated.

Please click on link to download Safety Data Sheet
DS065 H Prepsaf, XS ECT REV 11 C


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