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Chlorine Release Tablets

According to the World Health Organization, our frontline staff should be using Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as a part of their ‘CRITICAL COMMODITY’-listed PPE for Covid-19 v4 (and Ebola, and SARS, Mers, Zika etc.), together with the goggles, visors, alcohol-based hand rub, scrubs, heavy aprons…

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, Hygiene4less recommend the Sanitising of All Non-Porous Hard Surfaces with Chlorine Release Tablets.  Chlorine Kills All Food Poison Bacteria & Viruses.  Compact to store & easy to ship worldwide by Sea, Air or Road.   Typically 1 Pot of 200 Tablets makes 1,000 Litres HOCl Chlorine Solution at 200ppm.

This link takes you to UK Government Guidelines for routine decontamination of reusable non-invasive patient care equipment.

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