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1.67g Nadcc Detergent Chlorine Tablets – 200 per tamper evident tub

Each tablet gives 1,000 parts per million available chlorine per litre of water to make a one-stage detergent sanitiser solution.

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Prosan Plus Detergent Chlorine Tablets are the Simple and Accurate way to make a one-stage detergent chlorine solution.

Prosan Plus is similar to Actichlor Plus – a 1,000 ppm available chlorine solution with a low foaming detergent action.

Fast- dissolving One-Stage Detergent Solution with a Broad-spectrum Anti-Microbial Agent

Use for Blood Spills, General Clinical Disinfection, Terminal Isolation & Outbreak Cleans.

  • 1 tablet in 1 Litre = 1,000 parts per million chlorine solution
  • Also Mopping, Sinks, Drains & Catering Areas
  • Accurate & Measurable for Due Diligence
  • Non-corrosive*

Chlorine Test Kits available
*Prosan Plus is virtually non-corrosive on most common metals like stainless steel, aluminium & galvanised mild steel.

Top Tip: Prosan Detergent Sanitiser Bleach Tablets are the same as Chlor Clean and Actichlor Plus – its a bit like ALDI, switch brands and save £’s !

Please click on the link to download the Safety Data Sheet

DS053 H Detergent Chlorine Tablets Rev 2


Remove Tamper Evident Seal From Tub Lid.

If using regularly, we recommend you use gloves to prevent irritation.  If using hands, ensure they are dry.

Drop the tablet into hand hot water or drop the tablet into a suitable receptacle and add warm water (take care – splashed solution may bleach fabrics).

1 Tablet in 1 Litre gives a 1,000 ppm solution

1 Tablet in 5 Litres gives a 200 ppm solution.


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