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Contract Food Wipes – 2000 Sheet BUCKET & REFILL

Note:  Bucket Stock is “Sanisafe” Branded.

  • 15cm x 20cm 100% polypropylene wipes
  • Perforated for easy tearing
  • 2000 Sheet Bucket
£22.49 ex. Vat | £22.49 inc. Vat


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£26.49 ex. Vat | £26.49 inc. Vat



From around 1p per wipe

Contract Grade Food Wipes are a 4 layer BLUE polypropylene construction that allow extra anti-microbial agent to be added to the wipe.

The extra microbial agent spreads further and allows a larger area to be sanitised.

Each wipe is 15×20 cm and is perforated for easy tearing.

Quickly wipes up “clean-as-you-go” spills and allow surface to air dry for maximum sanitising.

Contract Food Wipes are ideal where there is food debris to wipe up that is dry.  It is the most economical wet wipe system where sanitising is the key.

This is not the ideal wipe where grease and oils are present as its absorption properties are not as good as the other 1500 and 1000 sheet options.

DS018 Prosan QAC BIG FG Wipes


Remove the Bucket Lid

From the centre of the wipe log, tease out the first few wipes

Feed the first wipe through the aperture hole in the lid an inch or two

Carefully replace the lid and you are ready to go.


TOP TIP: Turn the refill bag upside down and cut off the bottom of the bag.

Tip the contents of the bag into the bucket and the wipes will be orientated correctly to show the first wipe in the centre of the log exposed.  Tease it out as above and feed through the lid.

NOTE: If you do it the wrong way around, turn the log over.


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