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Agritabs Livestock and Poultry Drinking Water Purification Tablets – 6 Tub Special Offer

(2 customer reviews)

Defra Approved Animal Drinking Water and Hard Surface Sanitiser.


£42.50 ex. Vat | £42.50 inc. Vat.


£15.49 ex. Vat | £15.49 inc. Vat.



Agritabs Poultry Drinking Water 3.2g Effervescent Chlorination Tablets 

Suitable for sanitising of Poultry and Livestock drinking water.
1 tablet in 500 Litres of water gives 2 parts per million active available chlorine.
1 tablet in 250 Litres of water gives 4 parts per million active available chlorine.

This disinfectant has been approved by Defra for disinfection of inanimate surfaces where an approved product is required to be used under the control legislation for the following specific disease(s) orders:

  • Poultry diseases including avian influenza, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus at a dilution rate of one gram of this preparation plus 449 ml of water.
  • Swine vesicular disease at the dilution rate of one gram of this preparation plus 299 ml of water.
  • Foot-and-mouth disease at the dilution rate of one gram of this preparation plus 299 ml of water.

Click on the link to see our DEFRA approval DEFRA approval site

The safe alternative to liquid bleach (sodium Hypochlorite) and are often referred to as Sodium Hypochlorite Tablets, Chlorine Tablets or Bleach Tablets.  Also referred to as NaDCC Tablets.

Agritabs are Fast Acting, Fast Dissolving in an effervescent base.  Simply add to water to create a disinfectant solution that is ready-to-use.

Agritabs Chlorination tablets release a stable and accurate solution of free available chlorine – perfect for due diligence.

PN556 Agritabs Chlorine Disinfection Tablets contain 1.67g Nadcc – this is also referred to as sodium dichloroisocyanurate and/or troclosene sodium.

Drop 1 tablet into clean (potable) water to get a solution strength of 1,000 parts per million (ppm/L)

Always mix up a fresh solution every 24 hours, each shift or when visibly contaminated.

TOP TIP:   Warm Water speeds up tablet dissolution time.  Pre-dissolve in a little warm water then pour into the usable water for the solution.

PN556 Agritabs Chlorine Disinfection Tablets are equivalent to more expensive brands such as Agrichlor and Agricide.  Often, the brands disguise the product by using terminology that seems confusing – here is our guide to help:

Technical:  Contains Sodium dichloroisocyanurate.  (sometimes referred to as Troclosene sodium,  Abbrev- NaDCC).

Formula:  3Cl2N3O3Na

Synonyms:  Sodium Dichloro -1,3,5 – Triazinetrione Anhydrous.  Sodium Dichloro – S – Triazine -2,4,6  1H,3H,5H)-Trione. Troclosene Sodium.

CAS: 2893-78-9

EC/EINECS No.:     220-767-7

Chemical Name:    1,3,5 – Triazine -2,4,6 (1H,3H,5H) Trione 1,3, – Dichloro, Sodium Salt

Chemical Family:  Chlorinated S Triazine Trione

Export Tariff:          3808 9420

Please click on link below to download Safety Data sheet.

DS001 CASES PN501 Chlorine Tablets REV 15 – REACH UFI added 26-8-21

Animal Drinking Water Purification

1 tablet in 500 Litres = 2ppm chlorine

1 tablet in 250 Litres = 4ppm chlorine


Foot & Mouth, Swine Vesicular & General Orders

1g per 299ml = 1 tablet in 1 Litre

Poultry Orders

1g per 449ml = 1 tablet in 1.5 Litre

General Sanitising of Equipment & Surfaces

Add 1 tablet to 5 litres of clean tap (potable) water to provide a solution of 200 ppm (parts per million) available chlorine.  Soak or wipe and leave for 5 minutes.  Rinse if required.




2 reviews for Agritabs Livestock and Poultry Drinking Water Purification Tablets – 6 Tub Special Offer

  1. Meg Haver (verified owner)

    Easy to use and cost effective

  2. Dr Jayne Kirk

    I’ve only just purchased these but so far they seem to work perfectly. I’m using them in water butts which collect rainwater from the roof of my horse’s field shelter – great for the purpose but in summer the water starts to smell after a while, and cleaning them out and refilling from a hose is neither pleasant nor eco-friendly. One tablet in each butt has stopped any smell and the water is clear; the horse seems quite impressed too.

    • Helen

      Thank you for your review. We’re glad to hear your horse is also impressed!

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