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Magic Ice Melt Granules – 10 Kg Bag

Meets Network Rail Manual Handling Guidelines

Magic Ice Melt Deicer Granules are 100% Technical Coated Urea Granule Prills that react with Ice to melt it in-situ to promote easy removal or can be laid to prevent Ice Forming.  Faster, Greener & Safer than salt based products. can be used to prevent ice forming.

As used by many leading Car Companies and Rail Networks. Non Scratch, No Grit, No Fillers – 100% Pure Ice Melt De-Icer.



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Magic Ice Melt Granule Prills

10Kg Bag for ease of handling

Faster Greener Safer

De-Ices on Contact. Pet Friendly.

100% Active Ice Melt – No Filler or Grit

Long Lasting – retains ability for up to 36 Hours

Dual Action – works to -15oC, acts from top down and bottom up to melt Ice.

Salt Free & Non-Corrosive – Contains no salt or filler or grit.

Safe –  for use on Rebar Concrete & Newly Laid Concrete

Up to 10x more effective than Salt

Resists re-freezing better than Salt

No White Track Marks that you get with Salt based products.

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic & Safe around Children.  Animal Friendly, Safe around Plants & the Environment.  Cat Friendly. Dog Friendly.

Please click on the link below to download Safety Data Sheet.

DS030 Ice Melt xm – Rev 5

As a rough guide:

Thin Ice <2mm:-   10kgs per 1000m2 depending on application method and conditions.

Thicker Ice >2mm:-  5Kgs per 250m2 depending on application method and conditions.
Can be applied using a lawn spreader.

Must be kept well sealed and dry.  Will keep between seasons if stored in an air tight container or tub.

Follow these simple steps to reduce consumption and get the best from the Professional Ice Melt XM:


  1. Clear any excess loose snow as this simply dilutes the product and makes it ineffective.
  2. When you have exposed the residual ice, scatter the prills evenly over the surface. Dilution rates are difficult to recommend as it depends on the ice thickness. At about 2.0mm of ice, use about 1kg per 50 sq metres.
    Works almost instantly and keeps working for 2-3 hours.
  3. Excess ice can then be readily moved with a spade or shovel without any undue pressure. If not, re-apply or leave a couple of hours longer.

Do not then rinse the surface as any residual Ice Melt XM will cling to the surface and help prevent re-icing.



  1. Sprinkle the Ice Melt at a rate of approx 1kg per 25 sq m onto a dry surface ensuring that no rain or wet snow is falling.  Do not use in very windy conditions as product may blow away.
  2. When temperatures drop below freezing, Ice Melt XM is activated and will prevent freezing for up to 36 hours depending on conditions.



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