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Microclean Biological Waste Digester Liquid – 1 Litre

Targets blood, urine, vomit, faeces, red wine etc.

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1 Litre Total Professional Microclean Biological Waste Digester Liquid has been developed using natural bacterial and enzymes to specifically target organic waste such as blood, urine, vomit , faeces, red wine etc.  Microclean will digest the waste residues and keep doing this whilst the area is kept wet and the food chain remains.  After all the debris has gone the liquid dies off leaving no residues.

Works effectively in Schools, Nurseries, Care and Nursing Homes and anywhere where urine odours may prevail or blood spills on fabrics occur.

Also works well in drains to speed up flow, as a compost accelerator and many other applications.

Once you’ve used this you’ll never use anything else!

Activated by mixing 50:50 with warm (not hot) water and leaving for 20 minutes.

Top Tip: to maintain action over a prolonged period cover the area with cling-film to keep                        moist and apply overnight or in quiet periods.


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