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Anti Chafing Cream from Rash Off for Sporting Abrasions PN1022

  • Anti Chafing for Skin Protection Pre and Post Sport Activity
  • Biodegradable, Odourless & Hypoallergenic
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Anti Chafing Cream from Rash Off for Sporting Abrasions PN1022

Anti Chafing Funk-Out Rash-Off has been specially formulated as both a preventative against and treatment for wet suit rashes, chafing and other minor sporting abrasions.  Based on silver ion technology this anti-microbial lotion has a built in moisturiser which soothes, waterproofs and protects affected areas.  Rash-Off’s unique anti chafing formula helps prevent blisters and scar formation and stops the skin from drying or cracking unlike alcohol based treatments. Easy application and dries in minutes leaving no residue.  Rash-Off is totally non-hazardous – no nasty chemicals.

Applications:  Recreational Water  –  Wet suit Rash and anti chafing

Running, Walking, Triathlon  – Chafing and Blisters

Cycling  –  Saddle Sores

Ladies  –  Sensitive areas around bras

Work and Sports Wear –  Chafing

Rowing, Kayaking, Gig Rowing – Bottom Blisters

Rash off is Biodegradable, Odourless and Hypoallergenic

Alcohol free formulation helps prevent skin dryness.

TOP TIP:  For optimal results, apply a few minutes before putting on the wet suit or other sporting apparel.  After finishing your sporting activity, shower, dry and then apply the lotion again to re-hydrate the skin and help prevent skin irritation.



For maximum protection apply Rash Off anti chafing cream to your skin pre and post physical activity and exposure to your wetsuit or other sporting apparel.


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