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Water Cleaning Tablets from Aquatabs – 67mg – 1 Tablet treats 8-10 Litres

Each Aquatab 67mg Water Purification Tablet treats up to 8 – 10 Litres Water.  10 Tablets per Tearable Paper Strip

We recommend that you Consult Local Area Guidelines:
Low risk areas (Europe) – 8 – 10 Litres per tablet. 10 Minutes.
Medium risk areas (Asia) – 4 – 5 Litres or use double the tablets. 10 Minutes.
High risk areas where Bilharzia or Giardia are present – double dose 2 tablets per 4 – 5 Litres.  20 Minutes.

There should always be a faint chlorine smell after treatment.  If no smell, re-treat. Always test for residual chlorine after treatment.

BULK Cases Dims: 33 x 46 x 31cm (H)   Weight: 8Kgs

£2.69 ex. Vat | £2.69 inc. Vat.


£295.00 ex. Vat | £295.00 inc. Vat.



Water Cleaning Tablets from Aquatabs – 67mg NaDCC  Tablets 

Each Tablet Treats 8 – 10 Litres Water

Aquatabs ® are used by many peace keeping forces around the globe including NATO, British Army, MOD, French, German, Russian, American Special Forces, Indonesian, Singapore, Finnish & Polish peacekeeping armies, Canadian mounted police and more.

Crisis Readiness: We hold thousands of tablets in stock

Quality: Aquatabs are Global Quality Gold Standard products.

This product complies with European Standard EN12931:2000

World Health Organisation approval for emergency use 1998 Approved for long term use 61-6-2003

Guide Note:  If water is visibly contaminated or bilharzia is known to be present, strain the contamination through a suitable filter and double the tablet dose then check for a chlorine residual after treatment. If no residual chlorine, repeat dose until chlorine is present.

Please click on the link below to download the Safety Data Sheet

DS060 Aquatabs strip-packed Rev 13

Quality Assurance:

Produced by a Pharmaceutical manufacturer -certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Audited by HPRA (Health Products and Regulatory Authority of Ireland) to EU directive. ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485: 2012

Raw material and packaging suppliers audited to GMP and /or ISO9001:2008 standard

The factory operates a fully audited batch tracking system and retains samples of all batches for shelf-life plus one year.

Complete quality control analysis for all batches

Stability studies conducted according to ICH (International Committee on Harmonisation) Guidelines.


With dry hands, tear strip to reveal one tablet.  Drop into water, preferably directly from the strip without touching.  When tablet has dissolved, gently agitate or stir the water to ensure even distribution of the active ingredient.

Keep unopened strips dry and away from direct sunlight & heat sources.

  • Fast dissolving – <3 minutes
  • Low risk areas (Europe) – 8 – 10 Litres per tablet
  • Medium risk areas (Asia) – 4 – 5 Litres of use double the tablets
  • High risk areas where Bilharzia or Giardia are present – double dose 2 tablets per 4- 5 Litres but also consult local guidelines


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