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Chlorination Tablets 1.67g Nadcc – 200 per tamper evident tub

(10 customer reviews)
  • Fast Acting, Fast Dissolving , Easy to Use
  • Each tablet gives 1,000 parts per million (ppm) available chlorine per litre of water.
  • EN14476 – Kills Corona Virus @ 500ppm in 5 minutes



£7.79 ex. Vat | £7.79 inc. Vat.


£42.50 ex. Vat | £42.50 inc. Vat.



The safe alternative to liquid bleach (sodium Hypochlorite) and often referred to as Sodium Hypochlorite Tablets, Chlorine Tablets or Bleach Tablets.  Also referred to as NaDCC Tablets.

Chlorine or Chlorination Tablets are Fast Acting, Fast Dissolving in an effervescent base.  Simply add to water to create a disinfectant solution that is ready-to-use.

Chlorination tablets release a stable and accurate solution of free available chlorine – perfect for due diligence.

PN501 Prosan Chlorination Tablets contain 1.67g Nadcc – this is also referred to as sodium dichloroisocyanurate and/or troclosene sodium.

Drop 1 tablet into clean (potable) water to get a solution strength of 1,000 parts per million (ppm/L)

The 18mm diameter enables them to fit easily into a trigger spray.

Our tablets have undergone extensive testing against:

                                EN13697 – Fungicidal Activity
                                EN13704 – Sporicidal Activity
                                EN14476 – Coronavirus
                                EN1276   – Bactericidal Activity
                                EN17126 – C.Difficile
                               EN1650   – Fungi & Yeast

DEFRA Approved:     NOTE:  Requires special label – use Agritabs brand

PN501 Prosan chlorination tablets are equivalent to more expensive brands such as SoChlor, Actichlor, Sanichlor, Presept & Biospot.  Often, the brands disguise the product by using terminology that seems confusing – here is our guide to help.

Prosan PN501 will give the same amount of Active Chlorine as:

Actichlor 1.7g Nadcc
SoChlor 1.7g NaDcc MFB254
Presept 1.7g NaDCC – No longer Available
Sanichlor 1.7g Nadcc – Not Available
Biospot 3.25g (1.7g Nadcc)
Haz Tab H8818  1.7g Nadcc Effervescent tablets

Other brands available include Endbac, Biochlor, Oasis, Credence 1000, Covchlor etc.  They all use the same chlorine donor and release available chlorine in water.  It’s a bit like shopping at ALDI, buy here and save £s.

Note:  Always mix up a fresh solution every 24 hours, each shift or when visibly contaminated.

TOP TIP:   Warm Water speeds up tablet dissolution time.  Pre-dissolve in a little warm water then pour into the usable water for the solution.

Technical:  Contains Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (sometimes referred to as Troclosene sodium.)  Abbreviation:  NaDCC.
Diameter: 18mm

Formula:                   3Cl2N3O3Na
Synonyms:                Sodium Dichloro -1,3,5 – Triazinetrione Anhydrous.  Sodium Dichloro – S – Triazine -2,4,6  1H,3H,5H)-Trione.  Troclosene Sodium.
CAS:                             2893-78-9
EC/EINECS No.:         220-767-7
Chemical Name:      1,3,5 – Triazine -2,4,6 (1H,3H,5H) Trione 1,3, – Dichloro, Sodium Salt
Chemical Family:     Chlorinated S Triazine Trione
Export Tariff:            3808 9420
Place of Manufacture:  UK

Please click on link to download Safety Data sheet.

DS001 CASES PN501 Chlorine Tablets REV 14

E C Tablets USES and instructions

                                                DILUTION TABLE 3.2g ECT

(1.67G NaDCC/1,000 parts per million)

(in Clean Water)
400ml 2,500 ppm Non-metallic Medical & Veterinary Appliances & Laboratory Discard Jars
250 – 500 litres 4 – 2 ppm Water Butts
200 – 400 litres 5 – 2.5 ppm Drinking Water Purification
(low risk areas)
100ml 10,000 ppm Contaminated Body Fluid Spills & Conditions of Heavy Soiling (Dirty Conditions)
50 – 100 litres 20 – 10 ppm Emergency Drinking Water Purification
(high/medium risk areas)
10 litres 100 ppm Showerheads (descale before using Chlorine and ensure no trapped bubbles when immersed). Cloths & Mops (Do not leave overnight). 30 minute contact time or double strength 15 minute contact time.
8 litres 125 ppm Baby Feeding Equipment Sterilisation
(min 30 Minutes)
7 – 40 litres 150 – 25 ppm Produce Washing
(Strengths & Contact times vary – see specific guidelines)
5 litres 200 ppm Food Preparation Area Sanitising –
(after cleaning of visible dirt & debris)
2.5 litres 400 ppm Toilets, Drains, Sinks, Sluices etc
1 litre 1000 ppm General Disinfection in Hospital, Veterinary & Environmental Conditions

Ice Cream Machine Information Download: IceCreamMachines

Legionella Download available:  Control of Legionella using Chlorine Tablets

Hot Tubs and Spas usage download: Chlorine – Instructions for use with Hot Tubs and Spas

Chlorine use in the Food Industry – PN501 Chlorine Use in the Food Industry

Water Supply Hygiene Guidelines

10 reviews for Chlorination Tablets 1.67g Nadcc – 200 per tamper evident tub

  1. Gavin Cardno (verified owner)

    Excellent product we use this for cleaning dry suits after training sessions on our pool.

  2. A.Jones

    Does the job..reasonable price…despatched promptly.

  3. P Sitch

    Dear Helen

    Just a short note to inform you of the efficacy of your purifying tablets I shocked the system at a high dose for three times longer than recommended last year, 24 hours. I use 4 tablets for 265 litres for the ongoing fill, slightly more than recommended and use a chlorine filter on the drinking water, and have had NO problems since. A friend refuses to use your product preferring to use cleaning bleach. He has to flush his every 3 months. I did ensure that the water ran through every part of the system including anchor wash and deck shower.

  4. C Meeks

    Very fast delivery. Chlorine tablets will be of great use in our clinic in The Gambia.

  5. J MacDonald

    received chlorine tablets next day even though ordered on a 2-4 day delivery service placing order at 3pm. will be using again

  6. H Gaze

    We were provided with advice on the type of tablet to use for our humidifiers and the shipping was very good. Lovely customer service as well.

  7. S Berkon

    I am so pleased with my purchase (Effervescent Chlorine Tablets) and very surprised as to the speed in which it was delivered. Super service. I shall definitely be ordering from you in future and recommending you to friends and family members 🙂

  8. Mrs A D McVean

    So pleased to have found a reliable source

  9. S Hamilton

    Excellent product as it says and prompt delivery of the product would recommend them to anyone who wants to do business with them.

  10. Madge

    Did the job, I purchased for the rain water harvester, and it got rid of the smell

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PN501 H4L Prosan 1.67g ECT Product Fact Sheet – Rev 3 QR Aug 2022

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