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Clean Up Powder 12x240g OFFER – SAVE £36.69

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SAVE £36.69 over individual price  !

Clean Up Powder 12 x 240g Shaker Pack – Quickly contains and Gelifies Blood, Urine, Vomit as well as Wine Spills.  Absorbs up to 400 times its own weight.  Can even be used on Carpets

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Clean Up Powder Absorbs up to 400x its own weight in Liquid – use on any body fluid spill

A highly absorbent light powder based on sodium polyacrylate that absorbs all kinds of non-oil based liquids.

Fantastic for Schools, Care Homes and Children’s Nurseries.

√ Quickly contains the spill

√ Solidifies into easy to scoop up dry flakes

√ Neutralises the odour

√ Kills bacteria

√ Leaves a pleasant smell

Plastic Scoops and Scrapers are available separately (PN810)

A concentrated clean up powder based on sodium polyacrylate (SPA).  It is capable of absorbing up to 400x its own weight in liquid (not oil or salt water).

Suitable for Vomit, Urine, Blood, Wine etc.
Formulated for Emergency use, but suitable for institutional and home use
Contains and absorbs in 60-120 seconds
Does not contain bleach or chlorine
It is blended with a powerful broad spectrum biocide which helps neutralise potential harmful infections.
Acts to eliminate odours from the spill whilst masking odours with a pleasant fragrance.
Use to contain spillage on any hard surfaces AND Carpets.
Use liberally around outer edge to contain spill then move to centre of spill.
Dries into an easy to handle semi-gel that can be scooped up or vacuumed.
If waste is hazardous or body fluid related, do not vacuum and refer to your waste disposal policy document.

Please click on link below to download Safety Data Sheet.

DS009 H Super Absorbent Powder

Pour the Clean Up powder directly onto the spill working from edges inwards
Leave for approximately 1-2 minutes until it sets into a semi-gel
After removal of the solid spill residue with a scoop & scraper you have a number of options:
If spill is not infectious/ contaminated: spray the area with a sanitiser solution such as PN520 or PN521 Steri-Cleanse Surface Sanitiser & dry with paper disposable towels or
If spill is infectious (Hep B or HIV): use a chlorine (bleach solution) at 10,000 ppm/L for minimum 2 minute contact time (use PN501 Prosan Chlorine Tablets) BLEACH/CHLORINE SOLUTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CARPETS.
Always Wear Gloves and Eye/Face/Mouth protection with infectious spills
Always Wash Hands after use.
Use Hazardous Waste Disposal Bags is waste is contaminated
Avoid flushing powder down drains as it may block them.

1 review for Clean Up Powder 12x240g OFFER – SAVE £36.69

  1. Sandi L

    Excellent and easy ordering process. Items we’re delivered as promised and all in good order

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