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Detergent Chlorine Tablets Recyclable Pouch Pack – 1.67g NaDCC – 200 per pouch

  • Pouch Packs for Less Plastic, Less Waste, Less Landfill
  • Each tablet gives 1,000 parts per million (ppm) available chlorine per litre of water to make a one-stage detergent sanitiser solution
  • Pouch Pack can be used to Refill Tubs
  • EN14476 – Kills Corona Virus @ 500ppm in 5 minutes
  • EN16777 – Kills Norovirus @ 1,000ppm 10 minutes in Clean conditions and
    2,000ppm in 5 minutes

Please click on images below to download Posters

Prosan NHS Sanitising Solution Instructions 1 20th July 2020.pdf

General Disinfection

Prosan DST NHS Blood Spills Instructions Poster.pdf

Blood Spills

£8.84 ex. Vat | £8.84 inc. Vat.


£46.09 ex. Vat | £46.09 inc. Vat.


£2.49 ex. Vat | £2.49 inc. Vat.



Prosan Plus Detergent Chlorine Tablets in a Recyclable Pouch Pack are the Simple and Accurate way to make a one-stage Detergent Chlorine Solution.

Why buy a Pouch Pack?

  • Our recyclable pouches have been extensively tested and can be opened and closed hundreds of times without breaking and are more impact resistant than regular pots and will not crack or break if dropped.
  • When empty pouches take up far less space in your bins.
  • The empty pouch pack is PP5 recyclable including the PP label.
  • Because the pouches are more compact than tubs we are able to save on transport and can remove whole lorry loads of empty tubs and lids from roads and landfill.

See how much plastic you can save by switching to our pouches.

Prosan Plus Detergent Chlorine Tablets are similar to Chlor Clean, SoChlor & Actichlor Plus – a 1,000 ppm available chlorine solution with a low foaming detergent action.  They are:

  • Fast-dissolving One-Stage Detergent Solution with a Broad-spectrum Anti-Microbial Agent
  • Use for Blood Spills, General Clinical Disinfection, Terminal Isolation & Outbreak Cleans.
  • 1 tablet in 1 Litre = 1,000 parts per million (ppm) chlorine solution
  • Also use for Mopping, Sinks, Drains & Catering Areas
  • Accurate & Measurable for Due Diligence
  • Non-corrosive*

Our tablets have undergone extensive testing against:

  • EN13704 – Sporicidal Activity
  • EN14476 – Coronavirus
  • EN1276  –  Bactericidal Activity
  • EN17126 – C.Difficile
  • EN1650  –  Fungi & Yeast
  • EN13697 – Fungicidal Activity

*Prosan Plus is virtually non-corrosive on most common metals like stainless steel, aluminium & galvanised mild steel.

Top Tip: Prosan Detergent Chlorine Tablets are the same as Chlor Clean and Actichlor Plus 

Used for a variety of disinfection tasks in Hospital, Food Production & Catering Areas, Care, Nursing, Dental and many more applications.

Typical Uses in Private & Public Health areas:

  • Floor & Tile Mopping in Hospitals
  • Non metallic medical and veterinary appliances
  • Cloths and Glassware
  • General disinfection
  • Body fluid spills
  • Drains, Sinks, W.C’s
  • Laboratory Discard jars
  • Conditions of heavy soiling
  • Veterinary hygiene
  • General hygiene
  • Food preparation areas; non metallic equipment, containers, consumption utensils, work surfaces, stainless steel (catering grade)

Guidelines for the use of Detergent Chlorine Tablets for mops & cloths:

  • After cleaning mops or cloths, dissolve 1 tablet into 10 Litres of hot water to produce 100 ppm of sanitising solution.
  • Immerse the cloth or mop in the solution for at least 30 minutes.
  • Do not soak overnight.
Guidelines for the use of  3.25g DST for food preparation surfaces & food processing equipment:
  • Remove loose debris with a clean, loosely-folded cloth.
  • Wash with a hot neutral detergent solution and cloth. An abrasive nylon pad may also be useful.
  • Rinse with hot water and a clean cloth.
  • Drop one 3.25g Detergent Tablet into 5 Litres of water, preferably hot/warm (40°C) to provide 200 ppm of available chlorine. (Warm water assists the process of disinfection and also speeds up the tablet dissolution time.)
  • Thoroughly wet the cleaned surface with the disinfecting solution by the most suitable means, e.g. trigger spray or disposable cloth.
  • Leave wet for a minimum of 3 minutes. (Providing the surface is thoroughly clean this is sufficient contact time for positive disinfection.)
  • Rinse off with fresh, clean water.
  • Allow to air-dry or use disposable paper towel.

IN THE CASE OF DANGEROUS OR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (e.g. slicing machines), preliminary safety procedures and final safety checks will be required, several types of equipment will need partial or complete dismantling to ensure effective cleaning and disinfection.

WARNING: to be effective, disinfectant solutions must be made up fresh each day and be of correct concentration.

Guidelines for the use of Tablets in NHS, Dental etc: 
3.25g (1.67g NaDCC) Effervescent Chlorine Tablets–Typical  Hospital, Dental Usage
1 Tablet in: Gives Available Chlorine of: Task: Method:
100 ml 10,000 ppm


Body Fluid Spills 3 Minutes minimum contact time

*Ebola – double strength to 20,000ppm

400 ml 2,500 ppm Laboratory Discard Jars Soak Overnight
1 Litres 1,000 ppm General Environmental Disinfection

Sporicidal – C.difficile


5 Min Contact Time


10 Min Contact Time

2.5 Litres 400 ppm Drains, W.C’s, Sinks etc Pour in at quiet times
5 Litres 200 ppm General Cleaning (Low/Med Risk Areas) Allow to air dry or leave 3 minutes & use paper disposable towels
10 Litres 100 ppm  Cloths Mops etc  30 Minutes.  Do not leave overnight


NOTE:  All of the above information is offered without any implied warranty or indemnity.  The user should satisfy themselves that the product is being used in accordance with local guidelines and instructions.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Please click on the link to download the Safety Data Sheet

DS053 H Detergent Chlorine Tablets Rev 4 


If using regularly, we recommend you use gloves to prevent irritation.  Ensure hands/gloves are dry before using the chlorine tablets.

Drop the tablet into hand hot water or drop the tablet into a suitable receptacle and add warm water (take care – splashed solution may bleach fabrics).

1 Tablet in 1 Litre gives a 1,000 ppm solution

1 Tablet in 5 Litres gives a 200 ppm solution.

  • Suitable for decontamination after Monkeypox Virus contact @ 1,000ppm

Latest – British Dental Association (BDA) Guidelines:  Cleaning & Decontaimination including Dental Equipment:   C-19 infection control guidance recommends cleaning with a combined detergent/disinfectant solution at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine (ppm available chlorine (; or a general purpose neutral detergent in a solution of warm water followed by a disinfectant solution of 1,000ppm”


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